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Media Inquiries

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Medical consultation

Norman Doidge’s practice is in Toronto, and it has been completely full for some time. He does not do email or telephone consultations. So, if you have a problem similar to one described in the book, you may wish to have your health care professional attempt to arrange a consultation from one of the neuroplasticians he describes in The Brain That Changes Itself or The Brain’s Way of Healing. They are listed on the Frequently Asked Questions page on this website, which has links to a number of useful sites, scientists and neuroplasticians. These are the people and approaches Norman Doidge has most confidence in because he knows their work best. Some will do an assessment to see if you, or your loved one,  or your patient  can be helped by their approach. These services are usually cutting edge, and what is truly cutting edge is by definition rare,  so most likely you will have to travel to see these people.

The FAQ webpage also lists a few references to approaches not in the book. The page is occasionally updated. We recommend that you always work with your physician or health care clinician.

In our newsletter, we often describe new approaches, or have mini-essays, on the kinds of problems Norman Doidge is asked about at lectures and in interviews. You can sign up for the newsletter on the the home page of this website, by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. We do NOT give out your email address, and we do not inundate you. The newsletters come out only several times a year. They describe new developments, programs, controversies, or books that would be of interest to his readers. They also contain announcements  about when Norman Doidge is touring a particular country, with a multi-city tour, or releasing a new book, or film.

Telephone calls

Owing to the volume of telephone calls we receive at our office requesting information, we cannot personally return such calls any longer. But note, most of those calls actually request information that is already in The Brain That Changes Itself, or The Brain’ Way of Healing,  or on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) webpage on this site.

Permissions and rights

To reproduce passages of The Brain That Changes Itself or The Brain’s Way of Healing, to photocopy for classroom use, or other purposes, please email Norman Doidge’s North American publisher, Viking/Penguin, at

or go to this page,

Speaking engagement inquiries

Norman Doidge is doing very few speaking engagements for the next couple of years, because he is completing on a new book.   If you wish to inquire about a future speaking engagement, in 2018 please write to

Endorsements & blurbs

Norman Doidge does not do product endorsements. He has done so many book blurbs this past nine years, that he is taking a break from this, until he finishes his next book.

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